Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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Final Exams - Reflecting

At the end of the semester, I often wonder- Have my students improved at all?

Something that brings confidence to me and to my students is to dig out their diagnostic samples from the beginning of the semester.

  1. Listening - Have students take their diagnostic listening exam as we review for the final. See if their scores have improved. This is something my coworker, Lauren suggested.
  2. Speaking - This semester, to do their final speaking assessment, I scheduled the students to meet with me in pairs. I had them randomly choose one prompt from a selection of possibilities to discuss together. Immediately after they finished their 5-minute conversation, which I recorded on my laptop, I brought up and played their diagnostic speaking samples for them. After only 30 seconds or so into their recordings, both the students and I noticed their improvement-- in grammar, pronunciation, and overall confidence. I think this is definitely something I will continue to do in conjunction with final exam time.