Monday, April 30, 2012

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Guest Speaker: Graduate Student Instructor

Communications 114.  All undergraduates at my university are required to take this class, which is taught by graduate students and involves a lot of writing and public speaking.  Consequently, international students often anticipate this class with anxiety.  I invited one of the instructors to come to my study skills class and talk about it- the syllabus, major assignments, homework, class policies, grading, etc.  It was especially good for them to hear how this class would differ from their ESL listening/speaking class, in that there is a no-tolerance policy for missing presentations, no matter what the excuse.  No make-up work allowed, and required attendance.  I've had professors come and give presentations about various topics, but this was the first of just talking about a class itself.  It was really helpful. Students asked a lot of questions and kept him talking for the entire 80 minute period.