Saturday, March 9, 2013

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Writing - Class Error Logs

After each in-class essay we do, I compose a list of grammar errors for my students to fix. Although it is anonymous, they seem to enjoy it if they recognize one of their own mistakes. I try to include at least one from each students' paper. Here is an example set:

Oops! Sheet

Run-on; Comma Splices – These are actually two sentences. 

Above the fireplace there is a small nature picture, that picture is mixed with green and brown colors.

The floor is made of wood, it is a classic color.

Many people want to get a living room like that, it is so beautiful and unique.

Two blue and two white pillows are on the couches, they are very soft and comfortable.

On the left, there is a fireplace on the wall, there is a panel.

Fragment (no verb or no subject)
In short, the living room very big and beautiful designs.

Combine sentences because they repeat information.
Near the lamp is a window.  There is a door next to the window.

Articles/Nouns – Need a / an OR the

I like classic living room better than modern living room.
Behind the couch, there is a long black stairs.
It is classic color.
The room is shallow color.
There is a bright glass door of balcony.