Saturday, February 2, 2013

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Vocabulary in Context

This semester, we're giving our students a push at developing vocabulary study skills. To help them learn a list of 250 AWL words, I'm trying to develop a vocabulary self-study module to help give them sample sentences using the words. Sometimes it is hard for them to find good sentences that they can actually understand, which will lead to their vocabulary acquisition.

The new website is Check it out.

As part of it, I'm working on sets of listening activities too.  This has two purposes: a) Give them  opportunities to hear the new vocabulary word in context; and b) Practice listening and understanding paraphrases. Often, people repeat the same idea, but using different words. This helps to explain a new word. Here is an excerpt from the listening activity I have been building:

Listen to this short passage:


           Now, choose the best paraphrase:






Can you guess?