Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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Getting into Gear: Summer Scavenger Hunt

Spring semester is nearly over and we are getting into gear for our summer sessions here in the English Language Program. One activity that has worked well is the On-Campus/Off-Campus Scavenger Hunt. I developed this with my coworker, Tatjana Mulina, a couple years ago for a short-term summer course we were teaching. I modified it for last summer and it was a blast. In pairs or small groups, students are sent on a mission throughout campus and the surrounding community for about three hours to collect as many items and information pieces as they can.

Objectives: Practice scanning (signs and written information) and speaking skills (asking for information) in an authentic context; also, becoming more familiar with the campus and community

Results: It was fun to see the kids running back all sweaty from their labors in the summer heat, running around campus. They were really excited to show me all their documentation, including photos, brochures, and even an official printed estimate from the tire shop on the corner (one of the items asked how much a new set of tires cost). Apparently, the employees there were very friendly and helpful. Such a great experience to have our students interacting with native speakers outside an academic setting.

Download a copy of the scavenger hunt and adapt it for your campus.