Thursday, May 21, 2020

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Does your English need a boost?

Sign up for online Zoom coaching sessions with me to work on your speaking or writing skills. I have a master's degree in teaching English (MA TESOL) and 15 years of teaching. As an English coach, I can help you:
  • Feel more confident speaking English
  • Learn natural expressions and commonly used vocabulary
  • Work on pronunciation issues that are problems for you
  • Look more closely at grammar trouble spots that arise in your speaking  
Small Group Sessions (usually 4-6 students)
We focus mainly on spoken English. 2 hours/week for one month. Affordable prices. Contact me for more information about the latest session.
Individual Coaching Sessions (just you!)
If you prefer one-on-one sessions, we can schedule something that works for you. In these sessions, we can work on anything you need - speaking, writing, listening, or grammar. Price varies, depending on your needs. Talk to me and we can make a plan that works for you!