May 04, 2016 Heather
Supervisor Evaluations

Course/Student Evaluations
Course Evaluations - 2014 (Summary)

Some student comments:
  • "she make us like the class and she's very interesting, she taught us with good ability"
  • "I like it. Because the teacher is very enthusiastic."
  • "I am always excited and enjoy studying in her grammar class."
  • "Her grammar class and grammar lab are very efficient."
  • "She is one of the best teachers."
  • "I like it. Because she makes this really fun and comfortable."
  • "I think she has many good ideas to explain the topics and it is better because we can understand"
  • "My class is comferable. i like it"
  • "mis torries make the class so interesting and applicable"
  • "She is a good speaker and we have fun with her, and, at the same time, she is really serious."