Testing Coordinator

November 14, 2016 Heather
My  duties as testing coordinator consist of compiling and analyzing test scores for our level achievement achievement tests (diagnostic, midterm, and final exams), as well as coordinating placement testing.

Major Initiatives

1. Development of rotating tests forms for reading - I developed test specifications for the diagnostic, midterm, and final exams for our three primary levels. (Level 1 - Foundations, has not been taught in a couple of years, due to low enrollment.)

2. Development of test specifications for writing - In order to standardize writing assessment, I developed templates for writing exams in each level and bank of prompts used. I let the Writing Coordinator take care of standardizing the rubrics, but gave feedback.

3. Aggregate Data and Tracking SLO Achievement - Each semester, I collect all midterm and final exams and input all data in an effort to track achievement of individual SLOs. I have attached a few screen shots from some of my reports.