Friday, November 30, 2012

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A different kind of presentation... NGOs

I've seen a few presentations lately on "Digital Storytelling," basically putting pictures with voice.  I decided to try that in my advanced listening/speaking class.  Hearing my students' voices only, without the benefit of seeing their fact and body language brings out their struggles with pronunciation, as well as grammar.  I decided to use this as a way to hone those particular skills.

I had them choose an NGO to research, through watching videos mainly.  Then, we followed these steps:

  1. Write the transcript (approximately 100-150 words), telling what the NGO is, what work it does, and why ELP students should donate money to it.
  2. Review and revise the transcript for content and grammar.  I, along with their peer mentor, helped them with this.
  3. Review the transcript, marking a) stressed words, b) thought groups that should be linked together, c) pauses.
  4. Record Draft #1.  
  5. Feedback from me. I listened and noted any major pronunciation issues, as well as key words that were being mispronounced.
  6. Record Draft #2.
  7. Create a video by adding photos and music.
Overall, it was fun, and helped focus on specific skills--sentence-level stress, linking, etc.  Here are a few of them, as an example: